Useful Resources for people new to AWS

Starting out with AWS or any cloud service for that matter can be a bit daunting.  There is a lot to learn and inevitability you will make a lot of mistakes.  In this post you will find a list of online resources I found useful when starting out.  I won’t cover any online training sites, just free to access resources that provide training, guides, tips or general information.

These resources are in no particular order and I don’t personally have any connection to any of them.  If you know of any other or better resources leave me a comment and I will take a look. I may even add it to the list if i like it.

Amazon Web Services in Plain English

Great guide explaining all the AWS services in simple language.

Serverless Guide

Thinking of going down the serverless route? Using Lambda and other similar services then check out the serverless guide.

AWS Documentation

Amazons own documentation site, is a great resource for information on AWS.  Its well organised but can sometimes be a little confusing for people new to the service as its more of a reference site than a learning resource.

AWS  Whitepapers

AWS white papers contain a lot of information on particular subjects, a lot of them have examples and even working solutions within them.  Search though and see if there is a paper on what your looking for.

AWS Open Guides on Github

This is one of my favorites.  Its a great resource for everyone not just people new to AWS. I particularly like the “tips” and “gotchas and limitations” sections.  I highly recommend taking a read of this, especially before deploying a new AWS service just so your aware of potential pit falls and design considerations.

This is an open guide anyone can contribute to, so may have the odd error.  But from what I have read so far it seems very well maintained.

Awesome ECS

A curated list of guides, development tools, and resources for Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS).

AWS Video Intro Series

Useful page listing all of Amazons introduction videos to their services.  Most are pretty basic just covering basic features but can be interesting non the less.

AWS Slide Share and YouTube Channels

Slides from various AWS events such as re:Invent, Summits and Webinars.  These events provide a lot of talks looking at AWS services and deep dives into their features or best practices.  Sometimes you can find videos of the original presentation on the YouTube channel.

AWS Startup Blog

This is a great blog for startups and people new to AWS.  Posts such as their Scaling on AWS: A Primer are really useful for planning your growth and making sure you don’t make life more difficult later on.

AWS Cost Calculators

AWS have their own simple monthly cost calculator, and its great if you know what you are looking for.

However, its also worth taking a look at this site. Its much easier for comparing instances.

Lastly, if your in China take a look here for a third party cost calculator.

All of these services are great as giving you an idea what you monthly bill will be.


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