10 of the Best Developer Tools for macOS

I thought I would take a few moments to post a selection of my most frequently used macOS developer apps that I think other people should check out.  Most of these applications are also available on other platforms, check out their web pages for more information.



Currently my favorite text editor. Loads of features and many customization options. Its also free which is a bonus, so no reason not to check it out.



Package manager for macOS.  Very simple to use if your familiar with any Linux package manager.  Simple commands to install many packages including things such as wget, perl and python.



A recent find and still growing on me.  Tower is a Git version control UI app.  Powerful while also easy to use.  Supports all the major Git hosts as well as custom servers and can be connected to AWS CodeCommit using SSH.  Tower also integrates well with Kaleidoscope which it can use for diff and merge actions.

Cornerstone 3


Great subversion control app.  Nice clean interface with everything you need from SVN software.



If your working with APIs you need this.  Simple and easy, yet also powerful tool for testing, documenting and monitoring your APIs.  I have used this with many APIs including the AWS API Gateway, WordPress REST API and other custom APIs.



Window management tool with lots of options.  Drag windows to various parts of the screen to auto size them to half, quarter, full screen etc.  Great for organizing windows, works across multiple screens and even supports keyboard shortcuts for window positioning.



In my opinion by far the best password manager available.  Organize your passwords into categories, use tags to filter them, generate new passwords, auto fill login forms, sync between devices, the list of useful features goes on and on. Comes in personal and team setups, very useful for sharing passwords securely between those that need them.

Reflector 2


If your an app developer then this is  great piece of software for you.  Allows wireless mirroring of many mobile devices to your computer, even multiple devices at the same time.  Great for presentations, customer demonstrations and recording tutorials etc.



I think this is the most powerful diff tool I have ever come across.  All the features you need for comparing text, folders and even images.  While still easy to use.

Color Picker


This is a very useful tool for programmers, especially UI developers, allowing you to sample colors and get their various color codes.  Once of my favorite features is the ability to save “Swatches”, which essentially is the ability to save a collection of colors.  Great for keeping track of colors palettes used during particular projects.  Still needs a little work to improve the management of swatches and the like but has great potential.

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