AWS China vs AWS Global Price Comparison

Following up on to my blog post on AWS China Tips and Differences I have had a few people ask me about pricing in China. With this in mind I wanted to share a little information on the differences in costing for AWS China (Beijing) as its only available if you already have an account. This isn’t particularly useful if your only exploring your options for entering the market.

Firstly you should be aware AWS China is still scaling up so I would expect the economy of scale to have some effect on their prices.  Also there are different regulations and costs involved with doing business in China and I don’t know the impact this has on local pricing. Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if we see price drops in the future. At the moment its a little more expensive than their global services. If you need low latency access from within China on AWS its the only way to go.

I am not going to cover everything, there is to much to cover in a blog post. If there is anything specific you would like added to the list let me know but hopefully whats below should give you an idea of the range of pricing.

Prices are accurate as of the 26th July 2017, USD conversions from RMB were also calculated on this date.  You can check out the global costings on the AWS’s cost calculator.

There is a third party AWS China coast calculator but it is in Chinese and doesn’t cover all services.

EC2 Instances

Linux On-Demand Instance Prices

m4.large: ¥ 1.405 per Hour ($0.21)

c4.xlarge: ¥ 2.268 per Hour ($0.33)

r4.xlarge: ¥ 3.924 per Hour ($0.58)

Windows On-Demand Instance Prices

m4.large: ¥ 2.005 per Hour ($0.29)

c4.xlarge: ¥ 3.21 per Hour ($0.48)

r4.xlarge: ¥ 5.163 per Hour ($0.77)


First 50 TB / month

Standard Storage: ¥ 0.195 per GB ($0.03)

Standard – Infrequent Access: ¥ 0.13377 per GB ($0.02)

Glacier: ¥ 0.0334 per GB ($0.005)


MySQL On-Demand DB Instances (Single-AZ)

db.m3.large: ¥ 2.310 per Hour ($0.34)

db.r3.large: ¥ 2.978 per Hour ($0.44)

PostgreSQL On-Demand DB Instances (Single-AZ)

db.m3.large: ¥ 2.430 per Hour ($0.36)

db.r3.large: ¥ 3.132 per Hour ($0.47)


Write Throughput: ¥ 0.058 per hour for every 10 units of Write Capacity ($0.01)

Read Throughput: ¥ 0.058 per hour for every 50 units of Read Capacity ($0.01)

Indexed Data Storage: ¥ 2.20 per GB-month ($0.33)


m4.large: ¥ 1.956 per Hour ($0.29)

cache.r3.xlarge: ¥ 6.127 per Hour ($0.91)

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