Basic WordPress Security

The most important file in every WordPress install is wp-config.php, this file contains all of you database settings as well as other configuration settings.  It is important to understand how to secure this file and how to use it to secure your site further.

Of course none of this matters if you don’t follow the basic security rules.  Use secure passwords, update and backup often etc.

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Useful Resources for people new to AWS

Starting out with AWS or any cloud service for that matter can be a bit daunting.  There is a lot to learn and inevitability you will make a lot of mistakes.  In this post you will find a list of online resources I found useful when starting out.  I won’t cover any online training sites, just free to access resources that provide training, guides, tips or general information.

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WordPress and AWS CloudFormation

When I first started working with WordPress hosted on AWS I began by deploying an EC2 instance and running a LAMP stack on this instance, this is of course fine when you first start out.  I then migrated the database off of the local server and onto an RDS instance and the media into S3.  From there I wanted a better way to manage the large numbers of sites that we deploy so we moved the server deployment into CloudFormation and started using other services such as CodeDeploy, Elastic Load Balance, Auto Scaling etc.

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Gathering Linux System Information Using Bash


Following up on my recent post, Simple Bash Server Check Script, I wanted to continue the theme of server monitoring and discuss gathering some basic system information.

In this article I will discuss using Linux tools such as dmidecode to gather information such as server uptime, memory, cpu and networking information.  I will explain some of the commands used, but this post is more about giving you ideas and examples, you will also need to do your own research on the commands to fully understand them.

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Thoughts on the iPad Pro

Today I had a chance to really play with the new iPad Pro, its an interesting device and it was a lot of fun to play with it. We were testing the device with education and  children in mind; as well as seeing if our app worked.

Apple describe the device as Thin, Light and Epic. This is kinda true though it does have some issues both with design and price.  Below is my opinion on the device, its not really a full review.

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Increasing the WordPress File Size Upload Limit

I do a lot of work on WordPress sites and one of the common issues I see is with administrators trying to increase the file size upload limits.  They either have difficulty finding the correct place to increase this limit or forget to increase things like script execution to allow for file processing times.

In this post I hope to address all these issues and explain what these commands actually do.

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